Number Title Crosslistings Curriculum Codes
SOCIOL89S First-Year Seminar
SOCIOL90A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Special Topics in Sociology
SOCIOL110D Sociological Inquiry CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL111 Contemporary Social Problems CHILDPOL CCI, SS
SOCIOL160 Advertising and Society: Global Perspective (DS4) CULANTH170, LINGUIST170, VMS170, ICS169, AMI, MMS, PJMS, GSF CCI, SS
SOCIOL160D Advertising and Society: Global Perspective (DS4) CULANTH170D, LINGUIST170D, VMS170D, ICS, AMI, MMS CCI, SS
SOCIOL176FS Identity, Action, and Emotion CCI, R, SS
SOCIOL177FS Muslims in the West: Middle East Diasporas CCI, SS
SOCIOL178FS Refugees, Rights, and Resettlement ETHICS199FS CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL180S Society, the Self, and the Natural World CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL195 Comparative Approaches to Global Issues ICS195 , CULANTH195, HISTORY103, POLSCI110, GSF195, Marxism and Society CCI, CZ, SS, W
SOCIOL 225 Intimate Inequalities CCI, R, SS
SOCIOL 347 - 01 Managing Networks R, SS
SOCIOL 345 Nations, Regions, and the Global Economy CCI, R, SS
SOCIOL201 Sport As Performance THEATRST201, CULANTH209, ICS247 ALP, CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL204 Race, Ethnicity and Citizenship POLSCI204, AAAS280 CCI, SS
SOCIOL210 A-E. Comparative Sociology: Selected Areas ICS, MMS CCI, SS
SOCIOL212 Gender and Global Health GLHLTH212 SS
SOCIOL215 Sociology of Racism in America
SOCIOL216S Partnering and Parenting: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Human Relationships EVANTH240S, ETHICS272S CCI, EI, NS, SS, STS
SOCIOL217 Childhood in Social Perspective CHILDPOL SS, STS
SOCIOL218 Sex, Gender, and Society CHILDPOL CCI, SS
SOCIOL219 Juvenile Delinquency CHILDPOL CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL220 Causes of Crime EI, SS
SOCIOL221 Eastern Europe in Transition: Markets, Media, and the Mafia RUSSIAN350, VMS318, PJMS CCI, CZ, SS
SOCIOL222 Punishment and Society CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL224 Human Development (D) HUMANDEV224, PSY235 CCI, EI, R, SS
SOCIOL226 The Challenges of Development ICS, LATAMER, MMS, Marxism and Society CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL228S Visual Research and the American Dream DOCST221S, VMS217S ALP, R, SS
SOCIOL229 Gender, Work, and Organizations GSF241, MMS CCI, SS
SOCIOL250 Medical Sociology EI, SS
SOCIOL255 Sociology of Immigration and Health CCI, SS
SOCIOL260 Psychosocial Aspects of Human Development (D) HUMANDEV260, PSY236, Ethics Elective CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL262 Adulthood and Aging EI, SS
SOCIOL263 Aging and Health GLHLTH EI, SS, W
SOCIOL264 Death and Dying GLHLTH EI, SS
SOCIOL265 Drug Use and Abuse: Getting High in the United States EI, SS
SOCIOL271 Comparative Health Care Systems PUBPOL335, POLSCI355 CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL288S Writing in Sociology SS, W
SOCIOL290A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Advanced Special Topics in Sociology
SOCIOL290S Seminar in Special Topics
SOCIOL291 Independent Study for Non-Majors
SOCIOL293 Research Independent Study for Non-Majors R
SOCIOL294A Political Economy of Immigration POLSCI294A, ECON434A, PUBPOL355A CCI, SS
SOCIOL295S Sex Work: The Politics of Sexual Labor GSF295S, SXL295S, LIT295S CCI, SS
SOCIOL298D Discovering Education and Human Development I: How Social Scientists Learn from Data ECON298D, EDUC298D, PSY242D, ARTSSCI298D EI, R, SS
SOCIOL316 Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies AAAS246, LSGS316, Marxism and Society CCI, EI, R, SS
SOCIOL323 Social Movements in Age of Globalization LIT332, POLSCI313 CCI, CZ, EI, R, SS
SOCIOL331 Women at Work: Gendered Experience of Corporate Life GSF221 CCI, SS, STS
SOCIOL332 Methods of Social Research R, SS, W
SOCIOL333 Quantitative Analysis of Sociological Data QS, SS
SOCIOL338 Theory and Society CCI, SS, W
SOCIOL339 Marxism and Society LIT380, CULANTH203, EDUC239, POLSCI371, ARTSSCI380, ICS415S, Marxism and Society CZ, EI, SS
SOCIOL340 Taboo Markets ETHICS280, ICS280 EI, SS
SOCIOL341 The United States and the Asian Pacific Region MMS CCI, CZ, R, SS
SOCIOL342D Organizations and Global Competitiveness ICS, MMS CCI, R, SS, STS
SOCIOL343 Displacements: Migration and Human Trafficking AAAS343, LATAMER343, CULANTH342 ALP, CCI, EI, R, SS
SOCIOL344 Technology and Organizational Environments MMS CCI, R, SS, STS
SOCIOL345 Nations, Regions, and the Global Economy ICS, Islamic Studies , MMS CCI, R, SS
SOCIOL346S Asians in American Higher Education: Trends and Issues EDUC345S CCI, EI, R, SS
SOCIOL349 Sexuality and Society SXL229, GSF CCI, EI, R, SS
SOCIOL350 The Changing American Family CHILDPOL, GSF CCI, R, SS
SOCIOL351 Sociology of Religion RELIGION285 CCI, R, SS
SOCIOL352S Sociology through Photography DOCST227S, VMS218S ALP, SS
SOCIOL353 Sport and Society EI, R, SS
SOCIOL354 Getting Rich: Financial Markets, Household Finance, and Wealth MMS R, SS, STS
SOCIOL355 Organizations and Management MMS , GSF SS, STS
SOCIOL357 Organizations and Management in Global Capital Markets: an Ethical Perspective MMS EI, R, SS, STS
SOCIOL358 Markets and Marketing MMS CCI, R, SS, STS
SOCIOL359 The Sociology of Entrepreneurship MMS CCI, SS
SOCIOL361 Social Determinants of U.S. Health Disparities GLHLTH340, GLHLTH SS
SOCIOL365 Business Behaviors MMS SS, STS, W
SOCIOL366 Politics and Markets in the Global Economy SS
SOCIOL370S Global Response to the Rise of China CCI, SS
SOCIOL373 Social Conflict and Social Movements CCI, EI, R, SS
SOCIOL374 Pigging Out: The Cultural Politics of Food AAAS352, ICS206 CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL375S Global Men and Masculinities GSF374S, ICS274S CCI, SS, W
SOCIOL390 Special Topics in Sociology
SOCIOL390S Seminar in Special Topics
SOCIOL390SA Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Advanced Special Topics in Sociology
SOCIOL391 Independent Study
SOCIOL393 Research Independent Study R
SOCIOL 499S Sociology Internship Topic: Stormwater and Society EI, R
SOCIOL409 Surviving Globalization: The Global South and the Development Imagination AAAS409, CULANTH409, ICS409, LATAMER409 CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL425 Intellectual Property and Innovation: Law, Policy & Entrepreneurship MMS425, ECON295, ISS425, PUBPOL425 EI, SS, STS
SOCIOL430S Women and the Professions EDUC430S, Ethics Elective EI, R, SS, W
SOCIOL471S Language and Politics: Eurasian Perspectives LINGUIST471S, SES484S, PUBPOL208S CCI, SS
SOCIOL472S Cold War Texts: Politics, Propaganda and Pop Culture LINGUIST472S, SES434S, PUBPOL472S, ICS472S ALP, CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL490 Special Topics in Sociology
SOCIOL490S Seminar in Special Topics
SOCIOL490S-1 Research Seminar: Special Topics
SOCIOL495S Sociology Honors Seminar I R, SS
SOCIOL496S Sociology Honors Seminar II SS, W
SOCIOL499S Sociology Internship EI, R
SOCIOL502S Race, Class, and Gender in the University CULANTH502S, HISTORY513S CCI, CZ, EI, SS
SOCIOL534 Topics in Population, Health, and Policy PUBPOL633, GLHLTH550 SS, STS
SOCIOL541 The United States and the Asian Pacific Region CCI, CZ, R, SS
SOCIOL542S Understanding Ethical Crisis in Organizations ETHICS562S, POLSCI502S, PUBPOL558S EI, R, SS
SOCIOL556S Poverty and the Visual VMS570S ALP, CCI, CZ
SOCIOL590 Special Topics in Sociology
SOCIOL594S Cultural (Con)Fusions of Asians and Africans AAAS594S, CULANTH594S, LATAMER594S CCI, CZ, SS
SOCIOL634S Making Social Policy PUBPOL563S, CHILDPOL634S, Child Policy Research R, SS
SOCIOL636S Experimental Communities ARTSVIS554S ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
SOCIOL641S Proseminar in Medical Sociology (Special Topics) SS
SOCIOL642S Global Inequality Research Seminar AAAS642S, ECON541S, POLSCI642S, PUBPOL645S ALP, CCI, R, SS
SOCIOL645S Citizen and Subject in a Neoliberal Age AAAS641S, CULANTH641S CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL650S Global Responses to the Rise of China ECON550S CCI, SS
SOCIOL651S Social Change, Markets, and Economy in China ECON542S CCI, SS
SOCIOL664 Research Methods in Japanese (B) JPN650, HISTORY503 CCI, SS
SOCIOL690 Special Topics in Sociology
SOCIOL690S Seminar in Selected Topics
SOCIOL701 Current Debates and Professional Concerns in Sociology
SOCIOL702 Second-Year Paper Workshop
SOCIOL703 Developing a Dissertation Proposal
SOCIOL710 Classical Sociological Theory
SOCIOL711 Contemporary Approaches to Sociological Explanation
SOCIOL720 Survey Research Methods
SOCIOL720S Logic of Inquiry
SOCIOL721S Research Practicum
SOCIOL722 Social Statistics I: Linear Models
SOCIOL723 Social Statistics II: Advanced Techniques
SOCIOL725 Basic Demographic Methods
SOCIOL726S Advanced Methods of Demographic Analysis
SOCIOL728 Advanced Methods: Introduction to Social Networks
SOCIOL730S Proseminar: Topics in Comparative and Historical Sociology
SOCIOL745S Proseminar in Crime, Law, and Deviance (Special Topics)
SOCIOL750S Proseminar in Population Studies (Special Topics)
SOCIOL755S Proseminar in Economic Sociology (Special Topics)
SOCIOL760S Proseminars in Social Institutions and Processes (Special Topics)
SOCIOL765S Proseminar: Topics in Social Stratification
SOCIOL770S Proseminar in Social Psychology (Special Topics)
SOCIOL775S Sociology of Religion RELIGION775S
SOCIOL776 The Social Organization of American Religion AMXTIAN807
SOCIOL790 Selected Topics in Women's Studies
SOCIOL790S Seminar in Selected Topics
SOCIOL791 Individual Research in Sociology
SOCIOL880 Special Topics in Sociology
SOCIOL901 Advanced Writing Workshop