Patient and Research Participant Activism and Advocacy


In the 1960s, patients appropriated the language and tactics of the civil rights movement to advance clinical and research agendas. Today patient activism is evolving, leading to new solutions, dilemmas, and organizational structures. This course will examine patient and research participant activism and the ways it challenges conventional notions of expertise, amateurism, 'human subjects protections,' and minimization of risk. Students will bring the tools of journalism, anthropology, humanities scholarship, public policy and community engagement/citizen science to bear on ethical and policy questions. Open only to students in the Science & the Public Focus Program cluster. Department consent required.

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Curriculum Codes
  • STS
  • W
  • SS
Cross-Listed As
  • AAAS 196FS
  • GLHLTH 196FS
  • PSY 196FS
  • PUBPOL 196FS
  • SCISOC 196FS
Typically Offered
Fall Only