Sociology Minors

We offer two minors — one in sociology and one in medical sociology.

Minor in Sociology

Requirements: 5 Courses

You may select any five Sociology courses. Four must be at or above the 200-level.

NOTE: Sociology majors interested in deepening their studies within a sociological     sub-field should consider clustering courses in one of our Optional Concentrations

Minor in Medical Sociology

Understanding the social and cultural factors associated with health, health care, and health care organizations has become more relevant and timely in the context of our national conversations about the cost and efficacy of health care in the United States and abroad. The minor provides preparation for students who plan futures in medicine, public health, and related careers. The various courses offered in the minor also include preparation for the behavioral and social science portions of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) exam.

Requirements: 5 Courses

Required Courses:

Select one of the following (the other may be used as an elective):


Select four from the following courses:

NOTE: Only 1 transfer credit and no Advanced Placement credits may count toward either minor.