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Undergraduate Offerings

Our program equips students with a diverse skill set, including research proficiencies, analytical expertise, problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

We offer a Bachelor of Arts, which can be an effective stepping-stone on your way to a number of professional careers, including business, law, government, medical, teaching, and more. Our Sociology Minor and Medical Sociology Minor are great ways for students majoring in other areas to effectively round-out their skill set.

We also have a Markets & Management Certificate Program, which draws upon a variety of disciplines and provides an innovative, liberal arts approach to business education.

Featured Courses

Featured Courses

Sociology of Religion  Dr. Erin Johnston MW 4:40-5:55pm While many people think of religion as personal beliefs and practices that are becoming increasingly irrelevant, religion is a social… read more about Advanced Special Topics in Sociology »


Dr. Tony Cheng  TuTh 11:45am-1:00pm This course examines the historical and contemporary intersection between policing and politics in the U.S.  We first study the political history of policing,… read more about Politics of Policing »


Dr. Maria Febbo TuTh 3:05-4:20pm Why do most women and girls conform to prevailing expectations for gendered behavior? What happens to them when they break social norms and laws? This course… read more about Controlling Women: Women, Crime, & Social Control »

Ph.D. Program

Our highly competitive Ph.D. program provides an intensive program of study, a supportive research environment, and the opportunity to learn the craft of scholarship from our productive and diverse faculty. We believe in fostering an inclusive environment where differences are respected, valued and integrated into every facet of the graduate experience. Through our commitment to diversity, we have an atmosphere conducive to high quality education and research that supports the broad spectrum of differences of our students, faculty and staff.

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Our Research

Our department’s research is focused in six key “clusters” – which provide unique insights into people, institutions and social phenomena. Each of these areas is supported and led by our talented faculty – many of whom covers multiple research areas – who bring their own distinctive approach to the topics.

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