Financial Support

Full tuition, fees, and a stipend are guaranteed to all students for their first 5 years of study provided that they are in residence and making good progress toward the degree. Nearly all students who desire to extend their studies for a 6th year are allowed to do so with full funding. Funding for a 7th year is generally not available.
Stipend support takes the form of some combination of fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships. All students receive at least one year of non-service fellowship support from the Department. Additional fellowship support can come from competitive Graduate School fellowships or from an outside funding agency such as the National Science Foundation. Research assistantships are funded by external grants to faculty members.
In addition to tuition, fees, and stipend support, the Department and Graduate School provide travel support for students to present papers at professional conferences. Each year, the Department also holds an internal competition to fund student research. In 2021-22, for example, we gave away $10,000 to Ph.D. students to conduct their own research.