Current Opportunities

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Apply to work on a Bass Connections Research Project:

Bioethics and the Use of Real-World Mental Health Data

About Bass Connections:

Application Deadline:  February 13th at 5 PM EST. 

Project Start: The project will begin Fall 2023 and run for a year. Current students and trainees will be eligible to receive course credit for participation.






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Application opens January 23, 2023

The Internship Funding Program aims to reduce financial challenges associated with low-paying or unpaid experiences, thereby encouraging student participation in experiential career exploration and expanding the diversity of internship opportunities in which Duke students participate. The Career Center offers $4000 grants to undergraduates who are pursuing these types of summer experiences. The grants are intended to be used towards living expenses and are not compensation for the work being performed by the students in their internships. Students do not need a confirmed internship offer at the time of application, however offers will be verified prior to the processing of funding awards.

For additional information, visit the Career Center. Regular application deadline is February 27.