An essential part of your education at Duke is careful course planning based on sound advice. The administrative officer in charge of undergraduate affairs in each Department is the Director of Undergraduate Studies. You must see this person to:

  • Obtain permission for independent study. 
  • Transfer sociology credits to Duke for courses taken at other institutions, including study abroad. 
  • Discuss problems you might be having with a course or an instructor in the department. 
  • Choose your major advisor. While your advisor is the first person to whom you should turn, you may discuss your progress and plans at any time with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, and you may change your advisor at any time by notifying the Director of your desire to do so.
Professor Maria Febbo sitting at desk across from student back facing us writing on paper

Advisor Meetings

All first majors must be cleared for registration by their advisors in person. We recommend that all majors arrange periodic planning sessions with their advisor. The discussions should cover not only courses in the major but your larger academic program and the evolution of your career plans and job search activities. We want to assist you in whatever way we can. Here are some helpful things that you can do when you meet with your advisor:

  • Come prepared. Know what you want to accomplish in each session. 
  • Sketch a long range plan, even a tentative one. Revise as necessary. 
  • Each semester, check your status with respect to required courses. 
  • List the courses you would prefer to take but also think about and prepare a backup set of courses in case those you choose are closed. Remember, seniors and juniors have priority in course assignments. 
  • Check your email.  Contact your advisor several days prior to your registration window. 
  • If you don't know your advisor, and pre-registration is approaching, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.