Encyclopedia of Gerontology and Population Aging

Danan Gu, Matthew E. Dupre (editors)



This encyclopedia brings together established and emerging research findings in all relevant disciplines of gerontology and population aging. It provides comprehensive coverage of the entire breadth of the field, gives readers access to all major sub-fields and illustrates their interconnectedness with other disciplines. The more than 1,050 entries delve deep into key areas of gerontology and population aging―such as successful aging, disablement, ageism, longevity, biodemography, long-term care, and much more. Paying careful attention to national and international research, it cites English and non-English empirical literature from around the globe. In doing so, the encyclopedia is of interest to a wide audience that includes researchers, teachers and students, policy makers, nongovernmental agencies, public health practitioners, business marketing planners, futurists and strategists, and many other individuals and organizations. The encyclopedia brings together nearly 1,100 cross-disciplinary contributors, including academic researchers, biologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, anthropologists and public policy experts, and includes authors from around the world.