Pre-Professional Course Concentrations

Several career-lines require education beyond the undergraduate degree. A major in sociology can be an effective stepping-stone on your way to a professional career. Business, law, medical, and other professional schools do not look for narrow specialists; they are more interested in applicants with a broad education and proven abilities to think analytically. If you aspire to a professional career, we will work with you and the advisors in your pre-professional area to design a program that meets your needs. Here are some ideas about how to put together a pre-professional education at Duke using sociology courses.

Number Title Codes
SOCIOL 210 Contemporary Social Problems
SOCIOL 219 Juvenile Delinquency CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL 220 Causes of Crime EI, SS
SOCIOL 222 Inequalities in the US Criminal Justice System CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL 265 Drug Use and Abuse: Getting High in the United States EI, SS