Reimagining the World Together: Why Friendship Matters for Our Future


Explores friendship and why it matters in the frenzied world of 'likes' and 'swipes.' The average Facebook user has 155 friends. Instagram added a 'Close Friends' feature to distinguish friends from followers. Social media has weakened our sense of friendship. Still, Facebook users say that, of those 155 friends, they would trust only four in a crisis. Pursues the importance of friendship, not only as a place of private refuge but as a relationship of trust that facilitates insight and innovation and that has public purchase. Classes center on conversations between pairs of friends who bring their friendship, their work, and their imaginations to bear on the shape of the world in the future.
Curriculum Codes
  • CCI
  • EI
  • W
  • CZ
  • SS
Cross-Listed As
  • ETHICS 387
  • GLHLTH 387
  • ICS 371
  • POLSCI 387
  • PUBPOL 385
Typically Offered
Fall and/or Spring