Sociology Faculty Take Part in 2019 Intellectual Community Planning Grants

The Provost and the Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies annually support the creation of new collaborative groups of Duke faculty.  Each collaboration is provided seed money support for one calendar year to develop joint grant applications or sustainable products such as research projects, classes or other curriculum offerings around new and emerging areas of interest.

Participation this year by Sociology faculty includes:

Chris Bail in the Big Data and Social Interactions group, which is focused on learning how technological advancements and big data can improve our understanding of the ways in which social norms and interactions affect individuals’ and firms’ behavior.   

James Moody (Lead) and Craig Rawlings in the Parasite-Host Evolution Network Optimization (PHENO) working group, which will investigate the application of network approaches to a wide range of disease systems.  Network methods hold promise for identifying the chains by which new pathogens or known animal pathogens transmit with the potential to infect humans and cause disease.

For more information, see the Interdisciplinary Studies news announcement.