Study Abroad

The Department of Sociology encourages students to take advantage of study abroad opportunities while at Duke. Several of these Duke programs are offered through the Global Education Office for Undergraduates, as well as DukeEngage.

Some courses taken through study abroad may count toward the requirements of the major, with approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Study away courses may also fulfill Trinity foreign language requirements for graduation. (Please consult with the DUS for specific details and courses.)

Listed below you will find some of the study abroad options currently available that may be of interest to Sociology majors. For more details about each program, including dates and registration information, please visit the Global Education Office and DukeEngage.

Program Recommendations by Major

Find Study Away Programs for Sociology Majors

Are you looking for a study away experience with an emphasis on courses in sociology? GEO advisors have compiled a list of programs/universities to get you started.

GEO Approved Course Database

Search Courses

The GEO Approved Course Database is a directory of previously approved study away courses and their corresponding Duke Course numbers. It is not comprehensive list. If your search does not yield any results, do not assume your course is not approved. The next step is to request course approval through the official approval process.