Two Courses on Race and College Sports Offered this Spring

Duke national championship basketball

A new faculty-led Trinity College project, which examines the politics and histories of intercollegiate athletics and athletes, will include two Sociology courses this Spring. The courses are part of the new “Black in Blue: The Sports and Race Project” – a project that includes classes, public events, workshops and podcasts as it critically studies race and sports at Duke, within its geographic placement, and beyond.

“Race and the Business of College Sports” (SOCIOL 290)  – taught by Jennifer Nash, Jean Fox O’Barr Professor of Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies, and Orin Starn, Professor of Cultural Anthropology – will look at Duke and sports in the context of Black Lives Matter, anti-Black violence and exploitation, gender, and athletes’ activism. The course is cross-listed with Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies (GSF 290), Economics (ECON 290), History (HISTORY 290), Cultural Anthropology (CULANTH 290) and Public Policy (PUBPOL 290).

"Race, Power and Identity from Ali to Kaepernick" (SOCIOL 202) – taught by Martin Smith, Professor of the Practice in Education – looks at Black sport history and political protest. The course is cross-listed with African & African American Studies (AAAS 232), Education (EDUC 220) and Human Rights (RIGHTS 221).

Learn more about these courses and the Black in Blue project.