Fall '23 | Spring '24 Ph.D. Awardees



Headshot of Bernard Coles in front of wood fence covered in shrubs.

Bernard Coles: On Monday, March 18th, Bernard successfully defended his dissertation titled “Reconsidering Adolescent Society: Racial Differences in Social Learning, Violence, and Health”.

Committee Members: Tyson Brown, Dana Haynie, James Moody, Christopher Wildeman




Aidan Combs Headshot

Aidan Combs: On Monday, March 4th, Aidan successfully defended her dissertation titled “The Measurement and Implications of Meaning Uncertainty for Social Interaction”.

Committee Members: Christopher Bail, Lynn Smith-Lovin, Craig Rawlings, Stephen Vaisey




Headshot portrait of Em Maloney smiling

Em Maloney: On Monday, October 23, 2023 Em successfully defended their dissertation titled “Three papers on the relationship between identity and status processes: occupation status, occupational identity and emotion, and the transgender identity”.

Committee Members: Ashley Harrell, Kieran Healy, Lynn Smith-Lovin, James Moody, Stephen Vaisey



Portrait photo of Pamela Zabala smiling against blurred background, wearing a black leather jacket and olive green tee, and glasses with Black frame.

Pamela Zabala Ortiz: On Monday, March 25th, Pamela successfully defended her dissertation titled “Black, but "Not Black": Dominican Racial Contestations and the Pursuit of Authentic Blackness”.

Committee Members: Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Orly Clerge, Martin Ruef, Jessi Streib