Welcome 2022-2023 Duke Sociology Graduate Students

Pablo B

Pablo Bello is an incoming Ph.D. student from La Rioja, Spain. His current interests are cultural and political polarization. He received a BA in Sociology in 2019 from the University of Salamanca, Spain, and a MSc in Computational Social Science in 2021 from Linköping University, Sweden. After completing the master’s program, he worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Analytical Sociology. In addition, he has done some work on the music market, which he hopes to continue.



Ally C

Allyson (Ally) Cameron is a first-year Sociology and Public Policy graduate from Dallas, Texas. She graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with bachelor's degrees in Social Work and Sociology and a minor in American Sign Language. Ally’s research interests currently center around racial/gender/sexual identity formation, media representation, and systemic racism in education, mental health, and the carceral system. Outside of her research, she enjoys painting and hiking.



Rachel K

Rachel Kaufman is from Sand Springs, Oklahoma, and recently Graduated from Trinity University with a BA in sociology. During her time in San Antonio, she focused on building solidarity with her community through mutual aid work. A Beineke fellow, her research interest gravitates towards inequality, social stratification, theory, and health. She enjoys learning astrology, hiking, and spending time with her twin sister. She’s looking forward to getting out of the Texas heat!



Turgut K

Turgut Keskintürk is an incoming student from Istanbul, Turkey, and earned his B.A. in Business Administration and his M.A. in Sociology from Boğaziçi University. Turgut’s interests lies in socialization, cultural belief formation, and social learning, though he also works on belief network analysis. Turgut loves watching “Dad Movies,” and can endlessly talk about sci-fi and Flaubert novels!



Samuel S

Samuel Snelson is from West Sacramento, CA and graduated 2021 from UC Davis in Sociology. Much of his substantive research interests and professional aspirations are shaped by his upbringing in and connection to the child welfare system. Samuel is always up for a discussion on research or policy or legislative processes. Outside working hours, he enjoys basketball, billiards, and breaking bread over the smooth sounds of 50-90s jazz, soul, and r&b.