Kristina Broadie Jeter, B.A. 2010

Regional Director of Alumni Affairs, Duke University – Washington, DC)

2010 Major: Sociology

"One of the wonderful things about sociology is how it’s interdisciplinary nature has helped me approach problems. I learned so much about understanding history, trends, demographics, and how current events affect the ways people interact with the world. That’s helped me approach others and the challenges I face with a more wholistic view."

Advice Kristina would give Duke Sociology students:

"I picked this field because it allowed me to really delve into something I loved (understanding groups and people). That background and approach has been invaluable to me in both my professional and civic life. Sociology gives you such an opportunity to think beyond what you thought you knew about people. Enjoy that opportunity and let it stretch you beyond your comfort zone to make you a more thoughtful global citizen."

Kristina Broadie Jeter