Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
  • Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

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    I am trained in class analysis, political sociology, and sociology of development (globalization). However, my work in the last 20 years has been in the area of race. I have published on racial theory, race and methodology, color-blind racism, the idea that race stratification in the USA is becoming Latin America-like, racial grammar, HWCUs, race and human rights, race and citizenship, whiteness, and the Obama phenomenon among other things. In all my work, I contend that racism is fundamentally about "racial domination," hence, racism is a collective and structural phenomenon in society (see my 1997 ASR on this matter).
  • Current Projects

    4th Edition of RACISM WITHOUT RACISTS (Summer 2013, working on paper for inaugural issue of new SREM journal, working with Professor Kimberly Crenshaw (UCLA and Columbia Law Schools) on projects on race and utopia, working on paper for conference on structural racism tentatively titled “More than Prejudice: Restatement, Reflections, and New Directions , in the Racialized Social System Approach to Racism," and reparing work on race in the academy
  • Areas of Interest

    Racial Stratification,
    Social Theory,
    Critical Race Methods,
    Political Sociology, Latinos,
    Latin America and the Caribbean,
    and Epistemology
  • Recent Publications

      • (2013).
      • Racism Without Racists (4th edition out in August 2013).
      • (2013).
      • “The End of Racism? Colorblind-Racism and Popular Media in Post-Civil Rights America.
      • Edited by Sarah Turner (Vermont)
      • .
      • (Accepted, 2012).
      • The Invisisble Weight of Whiteness: The Racial Grammar of Everyday Life in America.
      • Ethnic and Racial Studies
      • ,
      • 34
      • (12)
      • .
      • (Accepted, 2012).
      • The Sweet Enchantment of Color Blindness in Black Face: Explaining the “Miracle,” Debating the Politics, and Suggesting a Way for Hope to be “For Real” in America.
      • Political Power and Social Theory
      • .
      • (Accepted, 2012).
      • Examining, Debating, and Ranting about the Obama Phenomenon: Introduction to Special Section on Obama”.
      • Political Power and Social Theory
      • .
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  • Postdoctoral Students

    • John Eason
      • 2008-2010
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