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    Matt Dupre recently published a study on “Marital History and Stroke Survival” in the Journal of the American Heart Association.  The paper has received international media attention, including NBC News, Reuters, US News & World Report, and the Daily Mail (UK).

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    Read Study Featured in DukeToday

    Jen'nan Read in DukeToday, says “Depression gives a lopsided picture, it makes mental health look like a women’s issue.”  Men seem to adhere to a societal stigma to remain “macho” and are less likely to open up about their feelings.

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    Biodemography of Aging

    Kenneth Land, explores the research into how age-related changes at the individual level, along with other factors, contribute to morbidity, disability and mortality risks at the broader population level.

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    Chris Bail gave the keynote address to the Interfaith Banquet at the Democratic National Convention last month as well as a keynote address to the Islamic Society of North America’s Annual conference this past weekend.

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    Mark Chaves on how church business boomed briefly after 9/11 in DukeTODAY.

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    At ASA, Ed Tiryakian was presented a volume of essays, in honor of him, entitled "The Art and Science of Sociology".  The festschrift  has contributions from 12 world class scholars and was presented by co-editor Roland Robertson.

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    Linda George Named to Inaugural Class of Few-Glasson Society. The society recognizes graduates of the school who have distinguished themselves through their career accomplishments, the potential of their current endeavors, or their support for graduate students and graduate education at Duke.

  • burton book 2017 announcement

    Linda Burton has edited an important volume takes a life course approach in sharing empirical insights on the family experiences of African American males in socioeconomic and political contexts. The book identifies challenges facing black men and boys in the U.S.

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Jensen Speaker Series

Jan 27, Erin  McDonnell,  University of Notre Dame

Interstitial Bureaucracy: How some state agencies succeed in the context of weak and fractious institutional environments

Talk is at 1:00pm in Soc/Psych Room 329 (McKinney)

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Reece Accepts Position at UT-Austin

Robert Reece has accepted a Tenure Track position in the Department of Sociology at the University of Texas Austin.  Starting in the fall of 2017 he…
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Mueller Awarded ASA Grant

Collin Mueller was featured in the November issue of Footnotes as a recipient of a research grant awarded by the ASA. In the November issue of…
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Dawson Successfully Defends Ph.D

On Nov. 2, 2016, Jessica Dawson successfully defends her dissertation “Errors in Judgment: How Status, Values, and Moral Foundations Influence Moral Judgments of Guilt and Punishment”…
    • 2agenda for social justice

Childers Published in "The Agenda for Social Justice: Solutions 2016"

Trenita Childers' co-authored chapter with San Juanita Garcia (UNC-Chapel Hill), "The Racial Implications of Immigration Policy" was published in the The Agenda for Social Justice: Solutions 2016. …

The Oxford Handbook of the Social Science of Poverty 

Editors Linda Burton and Dave Brady build a common scholarly ground in the study of poverty by bringing together an international, inter-disciplinary group of scholars to provide their perspectives on the issue.

research in the sociology of work

A Gedenkschrift to Randy Hodson: Working with Dignity

Lisa Keister explores the important role that dignity plays in the workplace. Dignity and self-respect are key to both worker well-being and organizational effectiveness, yet few workplaces take dignity seriously. This volume shows how dignity matters more today than ever.

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Terrified: How Anti-Muslim Fringe Organizations Became Mainstream

Christopher Bail demonstrates how the beliefs of fanatics like Jones are inspired by a rapidly expanding network of anti-Muslim organizations that exert profound influence on American understanding of Islam.


The Power of the Past: Understanding Cross-Class Marriages

In an era in which class divisions are becoming starker than ever, some individuals are choosing to marry across class.This book traces the lives of a subset of these individuals - highly-educated adults who married a partner raised in a class different from their own. Drawing upon detailed interviews with spouses, Jessi Streib shows that crossing class lines is not easy, and that even though these couples shared everything, each spouse was still shaped by the class of their past, and consequently, so was their marriage.

religion and inequality in america

Religion and Inequality in America: Research and Theory on Religion’s Role in Stratification:Keister & Sherkat (eds.), 

The essays in this volume provide important new details about how and why religion and inequality are related by focusing on new indicators of inequality and well-being, combining and studying mediating factors in new and informative ways, focusing on critical and often understudied groups, and exploring the changing relationship between religion and inequality over time.

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