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    • Bonilla-Silva Cited by the NYT

      Eduardo Bonilla-Silva was cited in a Sunday New York Times op-ed piece entitled " Straight Talk for White Men."  The piece addresses the “unconscious bias” on the race and gender fronts.

  • china high speed rail960

    Bai Gao is cited in a Christian Science Monitor article about China's state-of-the-art bullet trains.  He points out how eager the Chinese firms are to start selling abroad.  He even suggests that China might be ready to spend money on advertising.

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    • Angel Harris, Director of the Research on Education and Development of Youth (REDY) program within the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI), was awarded $1,864 million from the Jacob Javits Program to conduct an experiment in Wake County Public Schools. 

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    • joseph lariscy

Lariscy Accepts Position at the Univ. of Memphis

Joseph Lariscy, an NIA Postdoctoral Fellow at DUPRI and in the department of Sociology, has accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Sociology position at the University…
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Fulton Accepts Position at Indiana University

Brad Fulton has accepted a postion as Assistant Professor in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) at Indiana University.
    • 2regina baker3

Baker Accepts Position at the Univ. of Pennsylvania

Regina Baker has accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Sociology position at the University of Pennsylvania.
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Medwinter Accepts Position at University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Sancha Medwinter accepted a tenure-track faculty position with the sociology department at University of Massachusetts-Amherst beginning September 1st, 2015.
    • krogers dartmouth

Rogers Accepts Position at Dartmouth

Kim Rogers (Duke PhD 2013) has accepted an offer from Dartmouth for a tenure-track position starting Aug 2015.

The Power of the Past: Understanding Cross-Class Marriages

In an era in which class divisions are becoming starker than ever, some individuals are choosing to marry across class.This book traces the lives of a subset of these individuals - highly-educated adults who married a partner raised in a class different from their own. Drawing upon detailed interviews with spouses, Jessi Streib shows that crossing class lines is not easy, and that even though these couples shared everything, each spouse was still shaped by the class of their past, and consequently, so was their marriage.

religion and inequality in america

Religion and Inequality in America: Research and Theory on Religion’s Role in Stratification:Keister & Sherkat (eds.), 

The essays in this volume provide important new details about how and why religion and inequality are related by focusing on new indicators of inequality and well-being, combining and studying mediating factors in new and informative ways, focusing on critical and often understudied groups, and exploring the changing relationship between religion and inequality over time.

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Between Slavery and Capitalism: Martin Ruef

This book evaluates the impact of the transition from slavery to capitalism on individuals, organizations, and communities in the American South.  Through a comparative-historical approach, it identifies changes in the region’s economic institutions and highlights the enduring uncertainty that continues to affect our understanding of race and class relations today.

broken compass

The Broken Compass: Angel Harris

Angel L. Harris and Keith Robinson on the major flaws in the conventional wisdom on parental involvement with children’s education.

social capital and its institutional contingency

Social Capital and Its Institutional Contingency: Nan Lin

This volume is a collection of original studies based on one of the first research programs on comparative analysis of social capital. Data are drawn from national representative samples of the United States, China and Taiwan.

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