• harris aljazeera

    "The Broken Compass"  Making a Splash

    Tonight, 4/15, Angel Harris will be live on Al Jazeera, the 10pm show discussing his book "The Broken Compass". This book shows that parental involvement in homework may actually hinder student achievement. Tomorrow, he will be interviewed by MSNBC.com.

  • 3kland sss
    • Kenneth C. Land was inducted into the "Roll of Honor" at the 77th meeting of the Southern Sociological Association.  This award is the greatest recognition given by the SSS and  recognizes a career of distinguished intellectual contribution to Sociology.

  • money bags
    • Meet America’s Uber Wealthy “Double Rich.”

    • Lisa Keister’s article on those who simultaneously rank in the top one percent by both income and wealth featured at Inequality.org.

  • bonilla interview

    Bonilla-Silva interviewed by Book-TV on C-Span about his book Racism Without Racists.  The interview will air April 20 at 1:45PM and April 21 at 1:45AM. It will also be viewable on C-Span's online video library once they air on TV

  • read award

    Jen’nan Read was awarded 1st place in a research grant competition at the Hamad Medical Corporation. The project is entitled “Social and Cultural Determinants of Emergency Department Use,” and the $100,000 award was given in the Senior Investigator Award category, the highest in the competition. ...more

  • 2becki teaching award
    • Rebecca Bach wins Cox Teaching Award.  

      Recipients of the Cox Award are selected on the basis of their ability to encourage intellectual excitement, knowledge of a field, mentorship of students, and commitment to excellent teaching.

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Jensen/Race Workshop

Vincent Roscigno, Ohio State  

"The Bureaucratic Veil of Inequality:
How Employers Undertake and Legitimate Discrimination in Seemingly Neutral Ways" 

Tuesday, April 22nd , 1:00p in 329 Soc/Psych

Sociology Talk

Tod Hamilton, Princeton

"Selective Migration and the Health of Black Immigrants"

Wednesday, April 23nd , 1:30p in 329 Soc/Psych

Sociology Talk

William A. Darity Jr., African & African American Studies and Economics

"Stratification Economics."

Friday, April 25th at 1pm in room 329

    • trenitachilders

Childers Awarded James B. Duke International Research Travel Fellowship

Trenita Childers was awarded a James B. Duke International Research Travel Fellowship to support her dissertation research.  The fellowship is designed to support students conducting research…
    • inseo phd

Son Awarded Ph.D.

On April 10th, 2014, Inseo Son successfully defended his dissertation: “Yellow in White Suits: Race, Mobility, and Identity of Grown Children of Korean Immigrants” His committee…
    • josh

Mendelsohn Awarded Ph.D.

On April 4th, 2014, S. Josh Mendelsohn successfully defended his dissertation: "Travel Networks Influence US City Prosperity" His committee consisted of: James Moody, Chair, Kieran Healy,…
    • ray1

Ray Awarded Ph.D.

On April 4th, 2014, Victor Ray successfully defended his dissertation: "Collateral Damage: Race, Gender, and the Post-Combat Transition" His committee consisted of: Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Co-Chair, Linda Burton,…
    • 1sawmya

Rajan Selected for CPC Fellowship

Sowmya Rajan has been selected for a postdoctoral fellowship with the CPC starting in fall of 2014.  She will be working with working with Ilene Speizer and others.…
rwr cover

Racism without Racists: Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

This new edition has added a chapter on what he calls "the new racism," which provides the essential foundation to explore issues of race and ethnicity. Bonilla-Silva updates his assessment of race in America after President Barack Obama’s re-election.

essayssorokin tiryakian

Sociological Theory, Values and Sociocultural Change. Essays in Honor of Pitirim A. Sorokin: Edward Tiryakian

This updated introduction examines major factors, inside and outside sociology, that have led to new appreciation of Sorokin’s contributions and scholarship, and demonstrates their continued relevance.

well being

The Well-Being of America's Children: Kenneth Land

This volume attests to the evolution of the Child Well-Being Index and asks what it promises for understanding the progress - or lack of progress - in enhancing the life prospects of all American children.


social forces 90 1

O'Rand, A. M. "The devolution of risk and the changing life course." Social Forces  90/1 (2011) :1-16.

pnas 2012 v31

Global Value Chains and Agrifoods Standards: Challenges and Possibilities for Smallholders in Developing Countries” (Joonkoo Lee, Gary Gereffi and Janet Beauvais). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 109, no. 31 (July 31): 12326-12331. Part of Special Feature on “Agriculture Development and Nutrition Security.”

the journal of classical sociology
Tiryakian,E.A. "Early Reviews Of The Elementary Forms Of Religious Life" Published in a special issue of The Journal of Classical Sociology, 12, no. 3/4 (August 2012): 513-525..
  • ict background