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    Jessi Streib received a research grant from the Spencer Foundation for her new project entitled: “Beyond Entering and Remaining: Social Class Inequality in the Transition from College to Work.”​

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    Linda George’s Pearlin Award Lecture/Paper, published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, integrates the life course perspective with the dynamics of mental illness onset, course, and outcome at both the individual & population levels.
    The Pearlin Award is given for outstanding career contributions in the sociology of mental health. 

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    Bonilla-Silva will be the Beers Lecturer in Sociological Methods for 2014 at The University of Kentucky (October 9-10).

    Past distinguished speakers include Randall Collins (UPenn), Bruce Western (Harvard), Craig Calhoun (NYU), Erik Olin Wright (Wisconsin), ...more

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    Rebecca Bach's new DukeEngage program in SanFrancisco is in the most recent DukeToday. Participants in this program will confront urban homelessness while working with nonprofits focused on providing services.

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    • Mark Chaves' new study finds that houses of worship are becoming increasingly informal and increasingly open to gays and lesbians.  His study is featured in DukeTODAY and theNew York Times

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    • Martin Ruef and Lisa Keister just published new books. Martin Ruef's book, "Between Capitalism and Slavery", evaluates the impact of the transition from slavery to capitalism.  Lisa Keister's book, "Religion and Inequality in America", looks at how and why religion and inequality are related.

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Jensen Speaker Series

Rachel Best, Univ of Michigan

"When Missions and Lobbying Diverge: Self-Censored Advocacy and the Health Policy Agenda."

Friday October 24th at 1pm in rm 329

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Childers selected for NSF Dissertation Grant

Trenita Childers was selected for a National Science Foundation (NSF) Doctoral  Dissertation Research Improvement Grant for her dissertation research titled: "We Are Not Foreigners: Immigrant Status and…
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Seamster Awarded Paper Award

Louise Seamster, with coauthors Kasey Henricks and Leighton Kenji Vila, are First Place recipients of the 2014 Graduate Student Paper Award by the Association for Black Sociologists…
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Gauthier Awarded Ph.D.

On Sept 11, 2014, G. Robin Gauthier successfully defended her dissertation: "Anatomies of Kinship: Diversity in the formal structure of American Families" Her committee consisted of:…
    • andrew miles

Miles named PARISS Fellow

Andrew Miles has been selected as a 2014-2015 fellow in the Program for Advanced Research In the Social Sciences (PARISS) at Duke’s Social Science…
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Eagle Wins Vorsanger-Smith Award

David Eagle is the 2013-14 winner of the Vorsanger-Smith award which is presented annually to recognize overall excellence in the graduate program.
    • robert220

Reese Named Student Scholar

Robert Reece has been named a 2014-15 student scholar in the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge at the Franklin Humanities Institute. At the PhD Lab, Robert…
religion and inequality in america

Religion and Inequality in America: Research and Theory on Religion’s Role in Stratification:Keister & Sherkat (eds.), 

The essays in this volume provide important new details about how and why religion and inequality are related by focusing on new indicators of inequality and well-being, combining and studying mediating factors in new and informative ways, focusing on critical and often understudied groups, and exploring the changing relationship between religion and inequality over time.

pup cover

Between Slavery and Capitalism: Martin Ruef

This book evaluates the impact of the transition from slavery to capitalism on individuals, organizations, and communities in the American South.  Through a comparative-historical approach, it identifies changes in the region’s economic institutions and highlights the enduring uncertainty that continues to affect our understanding of race and class relations today.

broken compass

The Broken Compass: Angel Harris

Angel L. Harris and Keith Robinson on the major flaws in the conventional wisdom on parental involvement with children’s education.

social capital and its institutional contingency

Social Capital and Its Institutional Contingency: Nan Lin

This volume is a collection of original studies based on one of the first research programs on comparative analysis of social capital. Data are drawn from national representative samples of the United States, China and Taiwan.


annual review

Data Visualization in Sociology

Kieran Healy and James Moody's article reviews the history and current state of visualization in sociology, and discusses recent developments in ways of seeing raw data and presenting the results of statistical modeling.

annual review
The One Percent

Lisa Keister's article surveys current research on the one percent in the United States. Distinguishing income from wealth and showing that both are very concentrated but that the concentration of wealth, particularly financial wealth, is extremely high.

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