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    Ed Tiryakian will give the keynote address, "Global Challenges of Modernization" at the Second International Modernization Forum, The China Center for Modernization Research, Beijing University, May 20-22, 2016.

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    Gary Gereffi was the featured speaker at Segnavie 2016 in Padua, Italy. He also delivered the keynote address at a Univ. of Padova workshop on global value chains and Italian industrial districts. He is continuing his research project on Italy’s gold jewellery industry in Valenza Po and Vicenza. Gary will give additional talks in Rome.

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    Bonilla-Silva cited on article in The Christian Science Monitor addressing a racist ad by GAP. 

    “How can they have the white girls in the picture look like Olympic gymnasts and not think that having a short, black girl in a submissive pose (presumably as the symbol of “diversity”) would be viewed as highly problematic?

  • streib wedding cliff

    Jessi Streib's book, The Power of the Past, is reviewed in The Atlantic. The review highlights how the class doesn't come out of the person after the person comes out of the class.

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    Matthew Dupre and Scott Lynch were recently awarded a grant to support interdisciplinary research on hospital readmissions in cardiovascular patients at Duke. The study will collect and integrate psychosocial data with clinical data to develop risk models that predict rehospitalization.  

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    Theresa Shouse has received a Meritorious Service Award for the 2015 Presidential Awards in the Managerial category.  With these awards Duke recognizes “outstanding employees who have distinguished themselves through diligent work and dedicated service.” Congratulations to Theresa Shouse.

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Charron-Chénier, Fink, and Keister published in "Sociology of Race and Ethnicity"

Raphaël Charron-Chénier, Joshua Fink, and Lisa Keister’s article “Race and Consumption: Black and White Disparities in Household Spending” was published online ahead of print in Sociology…
    • ethnic and racial studies2

Seamster and Ray in "Ethnic and Racial Studies"

Louise Seamster's article with Victor Ray,  "Rethinking Racial Progress: a Response to Wimmer,"  was published in the most recent issue of Ethnic and Racial…
    • collin mueller2

Mueller wins ASA Award

Collin Mueller was recently recognized as a recipient of The American Sociological Association’s Sydney S. Spivack Program in Applied Social Research and Social Policy Community Action…
    • trenitachilders sage

Childers Selected for Sage Award

Trenita Childers was selected to receive a SAGE Teaching Innovations & Professional Development Award.  The purpose of this award is to prepare a new generation of scholars and…
    • bartlett poster sm

Bartlett Awarded Best Poster at PAA

Bryce Bartlett, a PhD candidate in sociology and trainee in the demography of aging, along with his coauthor, Cyrus Schliefer received an award at the Population…

The Oxford Handbook of the Social Science of Poverty 

Editors Linda Burton and Dave Brady build a common scholarly ground in the study of poverty by bringing together an international, inter-disciplinary group of scholars to provide their perspectives on the issue.

research in the sociology of work

A Gedenkschrift to Randy Hodson: Working with Dignity

Lisa Keister explores the important role that dignity plays in the workplace. Dignity and self-respect are key to both worker well-being and organizational effectiveness, yet few workplaces take dignity seriously. This volume shows how dignity matters more today than ever.

bail book1

Terrified: How Anti-Muslim Fringe Organizations Became Mainstream

Christopher Bail demonstrates how the beliefs of fanatics like Jones are inspired by a rapidly expanding network of anti-Muslim organizations that exert profound influence on American understanding of Islam.


The Power of the Past: Understanding Cross-Class Marriages

In an era in which class divisions are becoming starker than ever, some individuals are choosing to marry across class.This book traces the lives of a subset of these individuals - highly-educated adults who married a partner raised in a class different from their own. Drawing upon detailed interviews with spouses, Jessi Streib shows that crossing class lines is not easy, and that even though these couples shared everything, each spouse was still shaped by the class of their past, and consequently, so was their marriage.

religion and inequality in america

Religion and Inequality in America: Research and Theory on Religion’s Role in Stratification:Keister & Sherkat (eds.), 

The essays in this volume provide important new details about how and why religion and inequality are related by focusing on new indicators of inequality and well-being, combining and studying mediating factors in new and informative ways, focusing on critical and often understudied groups, and exploring the changing relationship between religion and inequality over time.

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