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    Scott Lynch, one of the world’s leading experts on the demography of aging, is coming to Duke from Princeton. He brings additional expertise in social epidemiology and Bayesian statistical methods to our department.

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    Angel Harris has been invited to the White House to participate in a Symposium on Parental Involvement on July 30-31.  This symposium will bring together administration officials, philanthropic partners, and field experts to discuss family engagement as a major contributor to children’s school readiness and success.  

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    Gereffi Awarded an Honorary Professorship by UIBE in China 

    The University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) and Tsinghua University in China will establish a GVC Institute later in the fall.  Recognizing that Gary has been at the forefront of creating the GVC framework, UIB awarded him an Honorary Professorship.

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    Ruef Wins OOW Award 

    Martin Ruef's article, Community Social Capital and Entrepreneurship”, co-authored with Seok-Won Kwon and Colleen Heflin, has won the W. Richard Scott award from the OOW section of the ASA.

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    • Linda Burton has received the Distinguished Career Award given by the ASA Family Section. This award recognizes the collective body of a person’s work as it relates to the sociology of the family.

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    Moody Receives McDonnell Foundation’s Complexity Systems Award 

    Jim Moody received the James S. McDonnell Foundation’s Complexity Systems Award for developing the theory and tools used in the study of questions related to the study of complex systems. 

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    A new compilation of the world’s most-cited scientists just released by Thomson Reuters shows that James Moody is in the top one percent of all social scientists.

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    The ASA Methodology section has just announce Scott Lynch as the 2014 Leo Goodman Award winner which recognizes contributions to sociological methodology or innovative uses of sociological methodology made by a scholar who is no more than 15 years past the doctorate.

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Eagle Wins Vorsanger-Smith Award 

David Eagle is the 2013-14 winner of the Vorsanger-Smith award which is presented annually to recognize overall excellence in the graduate program.

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Son Accepts Postdoc at Korea Univ.

Inseo Son has accepted a postdoctoral fellowship in the BK21PLUS Program in Embodiment: Health-Society Interaction, Department of Public Health Sciences, at Korea University, South Korea. 
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Fulton Wins Teaching Award

The Graduate Policy Committee has selected Brad Fulton as the 2014 Graduate Student Teaching Award winner.
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Fulton Cited in Washington Post

Brad Fulton was quoted in a Washington Post article that featured his co-authored study, which analyzed the cultural practices used by racially and socioeconomically diverse civic…
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Brady, Baker, and Finnigan Earn Honorable Mention

David Brady, Regina Baker, and Ryan Finnigan's article, "When Unionization Disappears: State-Level Unionization and Working Poverty in the United States," selected to receive Honorable Mention from…
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Reynolds Awarded Ph.D.

On June 27th, 2014, Megan Reynolds successfully defended her dissertation: “Power, Policy and Health in Rich Democracies” Her committee consisted of: Linda K Goerge (Chair), Kenneth C.…
broken compass

The Broken Compass: Angel Harris

Angel L. Harris and Keith Robinson on the major flaws in the conventional wisdom on parental involvement with children’s education.

social capital and its institutional contingency

Social Capital and Its Institutional Contingency: Nan Lin

This volume is a collection of original studies based on one of the first research programs on comparative analysis of social capital. Data are drawn from national representative samples of the United States, China and Taiwan.

rwr cover

Racism without Racists: Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

This new edition has added a chapter on what he calls "the new racism," which provides the essential foundation to explore issues of race and ethnicity. Bonilla-Silva updates his assessment of race in America after President Barack Obama’s re-election.


social forces 90 1

O'Rand, A. M. "The devolution of risk and the changing life course." Social Forces  90/1 (2011) :1-16.

pnas 2012 v31

Global Value Chains and Agrifoods Standards: Challenges and Possibilities for Smallholders in Developing Countries” (Joonkoo Lee, Gary Gereffi and Janet Beauvais). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 109, no. 31 (July 31): 12326-12331. Part of Special Feature on “Agriculture Development and Nutrition Security.”

the journal of classical sociology
Tiryakian,E.A. "Early Reviews Of The Elementary Forms Of Religious Life" Published in a special issue of The Journal of Classical Sociology, 12, no. 3/4 (August 2012): 513-525..
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