Department Colloquium

Spring 2017

Date Presenter Topic
Jan 27 Erin McDonnell, University of Notre Dame "Interstitial Bureaucracy: How some state agencies succeed in the context of weak and fractious institutional environments"
Feb 17 David Williams, Harvard University "Race/Ethnicity and Health in the Trump Era: Evidence-based Projections and Speculations"
Feb 24 Fred Wherry, Yale University "To Lend or Not to Lend: Obfuscating Denials and Managing Negative Social Capital"
Mar 24 Kevin Lewis, UC-San Diego "On the shoulders of giants: Informal networks and scientific production"
Mar 27 Michael Omi, UC-Berkeley "Still Racy After All These Years?: Racial Formation and the Future of Racial Theory"
Apr 14 Second Year Graduate Students Presentations
Apr 21 Undergraduate Honors Project Presentations
Apr 28 First Year Graduate Students Presentations