Highest GPA


Hannah Scott

Past Winner

2012 - Kelsey Short


This award will be granted to a student that has exhibited excellence in scholarship combining sociology and health, healthcare, or medicine. Scholarship in these health-related domains can involve a senior honors thesis or senior capstone research project with a health or medicine focus. As well, scholarship in health could be defined as an internship project in a health profession or healthcare services organization. Sociology majors who have produced excellent academic work in medical sociology courses and who will enroll in a professional or graduate school in the health sciences are eligible for this award. Finally, a student could be eligible for this award based on extensive research experience in health-related fields.

2013 Winner 

Deborah Moon

Past Winners

2012 Kenny Osakwe
2011 Tiphany Jackson

Ida Harper Simpson Award

The Department of Sociology presents an award, named after an emerita professor, to the sociology major writing the bestsenior thesis. The Simpson Award, which carries an award of $500, is presented at the Honor's Workshop held at the end of the semester.

2013 Winner - 4 way tie

Michael Habashi
Edward (Ted) Minturn
Liqi (Lily) Zha
Ruben Munoz

Past Winners

2012 - Hilary duPont
2011 - Matthew Boyle, Martin Dewitt, and Caroline Cappelli
2010 - Maja Falcon and Ryan Steiger
2009 - Yisel Valdes and Joshua Hurtuk
2008 - Benjamin Sosnaud
2007 - All candidates shared award
2006 - Cristina Prelle
2006 - Pavel Zhelyazkov
2005 - Regi Holman
2004 - Bethany Greene
2003 - Kate Copeland
2003 - Andrea Dugas

Howard E. Jensen Prize

From time to time, the Department of Sociology awards a prize, named after a former chairman of the department, to the graduating sociology major who demonstrates excellence in scholarship, citizenship, and service to the university. The Jenson Prize, which carries a monetary award, is presented at commencement in May.

2006 - Robert Benion
2005 - Melissa Buckmiller

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