Miles S. Marsala

  • In Progress: Ph.D., Sociology, Duke University
  • 2019: Certificate of College Teaching, Duke University Graduate School
  • 2018: M.A., Sociology, Duke University
  • 2015: M.S., Sociology, Brigham Young University
  • 2013: B.A., French Studies, Brigham Young University

Dissertation Title: "Essays on the Complexities of Social Inequalities and Disparities in Health Outcomes"

(Committee: Scott M. Lynch (Chair); Tyson H. Brown, Jenifer Hamil-Luker; Matthew E. Dupre)

I am a medical sociologist, demographer, and teacher. My research focuses on the social determinants of health and health inequalities in society. This research aims to understand how social factors influence individual and population health. I approach this research through various theoretical frames with an emphasis on the cumulative effect of inequality, disadvantage, and advantage have over the life course on health disparities. My current research investigates the effects of the Great Recession on health inequalities between social groups over the life course. In my dissertation, I am also researching the potential symmetry in health outcomes between social groups based on positive and negative health behaviors. Previously, I published an article on public approval regarding euthanasia over time by cohort, religious belief, and religiosity. More of my research activity is available on my CV and on my website.

In addition to my research, I am a passionate teacher. During my time at Duke, not only have I been a teaching assistant for several classes, I have had the opportunity to teach several courses, including introduction to sociology and research methods. I have also completed the Duke Graduate School's Certificate of College Teaching and am a 2019-2020 fellow in their Preparing Future Faculty program. 

Research and Teaching Interests

Medical Sociology; Demography; Aging & Life Course; Research Methods; Introduction and General Sociology