Molly Copeland

Molly Copeland



I specialize in social networks and medical sociology. As a PhD candidate at Duke Sociology, I'm interested in how social relationships can help or harm health in domains that might not seem directly contagious, but still have a social component, like mental health. My dissertation and current research projects apply network methods to examine the relationship between school peer networks and depression, self-harm, and substance use in adolescence.

Copeland, M, Fisher, JC, Moody, J, and Feinberg, ME. "Different Kinds of Lonely: Dimensions of Isolation and Substance Use in Adolescence." Journal of Youth and Adolescence 47.8 (August 2018): 1755-1770. Full Text

Copeland, M, Bartlett, B, and Fisher, JC. "Dynamic Associations of Network Isolation and Smoking Behavior." Network science (Cambridge University Press) 5.3 (September 2017): 257-277. Full Text Open Access Copy