Ford Accepted to the SSPF Summer Institute on Inequality at Penn

LesLeigh Ford was awarded a Predissertation Fellowship to attend the Penn SSPF Summer Institute on Inequality. The Penn Social Science and Policy Forum (SSPF) is the university hub for scholarly research on key social, economic, legal, and policy problems confronting the United States and the world, fostering cutting edge scholarship across the social sciences. Penn SSPF hosts a Summer Institute on Inequality every year.  This program furthers SSPF’s mission of fostering policy-relevant scholarship at every stage of development by helping ten graduate students in the predissertation phase of their work to discover new topics and refine their research goals. Fellows meet with some of the world's leading scholars doing research on inequality and share their research interests with each other in lively workshops. This year's program will take place May 26, 2015 - June 3, 2015.