Duke Was Well-Represented at a Major International Conference in Beijing September 15-17 2017 on Changes in the Networked Society

From left to right are: Cheng Shiqiang, Lecturer in the Department of Sociology in Central University of Finance and Economics, pre-doctoral fellow at Duke in 2014-15; Lynn Smith-Lovin and Nan Lin, faculty at Duke; Xueguang Zhou, faculty at Duke from 1994-2006, now Chair of Sociology at Stanford University; Dong Yunsheng, Chair of Sociology at Jilin University and visitor to Duke in the 1990s.  Wenhong Chen, Associate Professor in the Department of Radio-Television-Film at UT-Austin was also at the conference, but missed the picture because of a conference call. She was an SSHRC postdoctoral fellow at Duke University from 2007-09.  The organizer of the conference, Prof. Shaojie Liu (Director of the Center for Sociological Theory & Method of Renmin University and editor of the CHinese Sociological Review) also visited Duke for a year in the 1990s.