Our 11 PhDs

Congratulations New Ph.D.s!

Our 11 PhDs

The Department of Sociology recognizes and congratulates those students receiving their doctoral degree in Sociology during the 2019-20 academic year. Our graduates, along with the titles of their dissertations, are listed below.




May 2020 Graduates

Jarron Bowman
Jarron D. Bowman

"Economic Insecurity, Political
Inequality, and the Well-Being of
American Families"

John Bumpus
John P. Bumpus

"Essays on the Structural and Cultural
Determinants of Youths' Postsecondary
Educational Outcomes"

Molly Copeland
Molly Copeland

"When Peers Help and Harm:
Adolescent Social Structure and
Mental Health"

Joshua F. Doyle
Joshua F. Doyle

"Getting From Trust to Cooperation:
The Moderating Role of
Cultural Trust"

Steven T. Jefferson
Steven T. Jefferson

"Race, Gender and Perceived Barriers:
How Beliefs About the Opportunity
Structure Shape Postsecondary Pathways"

Emily Persons
Emily R. Persons

"School Closings, Openings and
Restructurings: Implications for
Schools and Neighborhoods"

Maria Flor
Maria Cristina Ramos Flor

"Identities and Meaning Structures"


Guangyu Tong

"Topics in Selective Migration and
Economic Assimilation of New

Zimife Umeh
Zimife Umeh

"Gender, Institutions, and Punishment:
Examining the Experiences of Formerly
Incarcerated Women"


September 2019 Graduates

Friedolin Merhout

"Consequences and Corrections of Misperceptions
in Intergroup Relations"

Lauren Valentino
Lauren Valentino

"What is a 'Good' Job? Cultural Logics
of Occupational Prestige"