Angel Harris will be a keynote speaker at the National Association for Gifted Children in Charlotte, NC


Thursday November 9, 2017—Create Change
General Session 3:00 PM

Image of Angel Harris

Angel Harris, Ph.D., Duke University

Research shows that children from minority groups and living in poverty are 250% less likely to be identified for gifted programs, even when they are performing at the same levels as their peers. Dr. Harris, a renowned Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, will highlight the central role education plays in social and economic well-being, particularly for these under-served children. Dr. Harris will outline the importance for understanding racial differences in achievement.

Dr. Harris is Director of the Research on Education and Development of Youth (REDY) Program at Duke University. He is the author of Kids Don’t Want to Fail, which provides an in-depth quantitative assessment of whether youth from marginalized groups purposefully resist schooling, and The Broken Compass: Parental Involvement with Children’s Education, an examination of the link between parenting and youths’ schooling outcomes.