Ph.D. Alumni

Sociology Ph.D. Alumni

Name Graduation Date Current Position Location State/ Country Start Date
Brian Aronson 2019        
Nicholas Bloom 2019 Consultant Deloitte DC 2019
Simon Brauer 2019 Postdoctoral Fellow University of Virginia  VA 2019
Joshua Bruce 2019 Assistant Professor University of Illinois IL 2019
Marcus Mann 2019 Assistant Professor Purdue University IN 2019
Bethany Young 2019 Policy Researcher Urban Institute DC 2019
Felicia A. Arriaga 2018 Assistant Professor Appalachian State NC 2018
Bryce J. Bartlett 2018 Research Scientist Facebook CA 2018
Brent Curdy 2018 Associate in Research Duke University NC 2018
LesLeigh Ford 2018 Policy Associate, Center for Nonprofits and Philanthropy  The Urban Institute  DC 2018
Patricia Homan 2018 Assistant Professor Florida State FL 2018
Jonathan H. Morgan 2018 Postdoctoral Fellow Fachochschule Potsdam / University  of Applied Sciences Germany 2018
Jaemin Lee 2018 Postdoctoral Fellow Northeastern University Network Science Institute  MA 2018
Carlos Tavares 2018 Assistant Professor Lafayette College PA 2018
Emi-Lou A. Weed 2018 Registered Nurse/NICU University of Iowa, Family Children's Hospital IA 2019
Austin Ashe 2017 Assistant Professor  Norfolk State University LA 2017
Raphael Charron-Chenier 2017 Assistant Professor Arizona State University TX 2017
Trenita Childers 2017 Postdoctoral Fellow Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research UNC-CH NC 2017
Joshua Fink 2017 Data Scientist  San Antonio Spurs TX 2017
Mary-Beth Hunzaker 2017 Quantitative Researcher  Facebook CA 2018
Collin Mueller 2017 Postdoctoral Fellow Duke University NC 2017
Robert Reece 2017 Assistant Professor University of Texas, Austin TX 2017
E. Paige Borelli 2016 Health Care Data Scientist Lumeris MO 2017
Amie C. Bostic 2016 Assistant Professor University of Texas, Rio Grande TX 2016
CPT Jessica I. Dawson 2016 Instructor West Point Military Academy NY 2016
Jacob C. Fisher 2016  Research Investigator  Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan MI 2017
Louise Seamster 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow Center for the Study of Social Justice, University of Tennessee TN 2016
Regina S. Baker 2015 Assistant Professor University of Pennsylvania PA 2015
Rose M. Buckelew 2015  Assistant Professor University of Virginia  VA 2018
David E. Eagle 2015 Research Associate Duke Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research  NC 2015
Qiang Fu 2015  Assistant Professor University of British Columbia Canada 2015
Brad Fulton 2015  Assistant Professor Indiana University IN 2015
Hang Young Lee 2015 Lecturer Macquarie University Australia 2017
Sancha D. Medwinter 2015  Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts-Amherst MA 2015
Andrew A. Miles 2015 Assistant Professor University of Toronto Canada 2015
Cyrus J. Schleifer 2015 Assistant Professor University of Oklahoma OK 2015
Robert E. Freeland 2014 Assistant Professor Elizabeth City State NC 2017
Gertrude Robin Gauthier 2014 Assistant Professor University of Nebraska NE 2017
S Joshua Mendelsohn 2014  Computational Sociologist RAND Corporation CA 2014
Victor Ray 2014 Assistant Professor University of Tennessee TN 2014
Megan M. Reynolds 2014  Assistant Professor University of Utah UT 2014
In Seo Son 2014 Postdoctoral Fellow Korea University Korea 2014
Feng Tian 2014  Associate Professor Fudan University China 2016
Sowmya Valliaveetil Rajan 2014  Research Manager Duke Global Health Innovation Center NC 2017
Wendy D. Brynildsen 2013 Scholar in Residence Duke University NC 2013
Ryan M. Finnigan 2013 Assistant Professor UC Davis CA 2014
Steven L. Foy 2013 Assistant Professor University of Texas-Rio Grande TX 2013
Heather M. Rackin 2013  Assistant Professor Louisiana State University LA 2013
Kimberly B. Rogers 2013  Assistant Professor Dartmouth College NH 2015
Leslie T. Roth 2013    Unknown   2013
Melanie Sereny Brasher 2013  Assistant Professor University of Rhode Island RI 2014
Jeffrey A. Smith 2013 Assistant Professor University Nebraska Lincoln NE 2013
Lane Marie Destro 2012  Senior Researcher Fors Marsh Group VA 2019
Elizabeth H. Freeman 2012  Associate Professor University of South Florida FL 2017
Sarah A. Mayorga 2012 Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts-Boston MA 2016
Serena S. Wadlington 2012  Lecturer North Carolina State University NC 2012
Yanlong Zhang 2012  Associate Professor Peking University China 2017
Mari Jean Armstrong-Hough 2011 Associate Research Scientist Yale University CT 2016
Rebekah A. Burroway 2011  Associate Professor SUNY Stony Brook University NY 2018
Michelle M. Christian 2011 Assistant Professor University of Tennessee TN 2013
David R. Dietrich 2011  Associate Professor Texas State University TX 2017
Steven M. Frenk 2011  Epidemiologist Center for Disease Control and Prevention MD 2013
Joonkoo Lee 2011 Assistant Professor Hanyang University South Korea 2012
Jillian L. Powers 2011  Senior Resident Ethnographer Idea Couture Inc. NY 2018
Whitney E. Welsh 2011  Research Scientist  Duke Center for Child and Family Policy NC 2017
Allison K. Wisecup 2011 Associate Professor Radford University VA 2017
Hui Zheng 2011  Associate Professor Ohio State OH 2016
Ryan C. Denniston 2010 Subject Librarian  Duke University NC 2015
Katelin P. Isaacs 2010  Analyst Congressional Research Service DC 2010
Nathan D. Martin 2010 Assistant Professor Arizona State University AZ 2011
Jessica M. Sautter 2010  Associate Professor University of the Sciences PA 2018
Ashley T. Schultz 2010 Associate Director of Academic and Service Engagement Dartmouth College Center for Social Impact MA 2015
Patricia A. Thomas 2010  Assistant Professor Perdue University IN 2013
Rebecca M. Tippett 2010 Director UNC Population Center Carolina Demography NC 2014
Alexandra F. Dalton 2009 Researcher Independent Health Services  NC 2013
Qiushi Feng 2009 Associate Professor National University of Singapore Singapore 2018
Christian P. Ferney 2009  Program Director Duke University - Kenan Institute NC 2009
Lijun Song 2009  Associate Professor Vanderbilt University TN 2016
Li-Hsuan Cheng 2008  Associate Professor National Sun Yatsen University Tawain 2016
Donald J. Ebel 2008  Associate Professor Minnesota State University MN 2016
Elizabeth H. Essary 2008 Entrepreneur    CA 2015
Denise M. Kall 2008  Public Health Analyst III Vermont Department of Health VT 2014
Robert C. Remle 2008 Program Manager South Carolina Institute of Medicine & Public Health SC 2018
Joon-Mo Son 2008  Associate Professor National University of Singapore Singapore 2014
Julianne M. Weinzimmer 2008  Associate Professor Wright State  OH 2013
Julius M. Wilder 2008  MD Duke Medical Center NC 2008
Shanhui Wu 2008  Assistant Director National Strategic Planning & Analysis Research Center MS 2012
Dan Ao 2007 Assistant Professor Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong 2007
Audrey N. Beck 2007 Assistant Professor San Diego University CA 2014
Jennifer M. Cross 2007 Online Instructor University of Alabama-Birmingham AL 2016
Rebecca D. Dunning 2007 Research Assistant Professor North Carolina State University NC 2011
Alexis T. Franzese 2007 Associate Professor Elon University NC 2017
Yunus Kaya 2007  Associate Professor Istanbul University Turkey 2016
Troy A. Powell 2007  Vice President of Statistical Solutions Walker Information IN 2007
Deepa Sarah George 2006 Group Director NAXION PA 2014
Tracey A. LaPierre 2006 Associate Professor University of Kansas KS 2013
Monica R. Biradavolu 2005  Independent Consultant Qual Analytics DC 2014
Matthew E. Dupre 2005  Associate Professor Duke Community and Family Medicine NC 2014
Kellie J. Hagewen 2005  Professor College of Southern Nevada NV 2017
Martha A. Martinez 2005  Associate Professor DePaul University IL 2012
Sarah Opal Meadows 2005 Senior Sociologist RAND Corporation CA 2015
Miles G. Taylor 2005 Associate Professor Florida State University FL 2014
Yang Yang 2005  Professor University of North Carolina NC 2015