Marion Fourcade - Jensen Series

Friday, March 23, 2018 - 1:30pm

Dr. Marion Fourcade

Dr. Marion Fourcade of UC Berkeley's Department of Sociology will give a talk entitled: "The Type and the Grade: On the Institutional Scaffolding of the Judgment of Taste"

Abstract: We tend to evaluate objects and people around us in two main ways: as types (i.e., having a particular quality) or as grades (i.e., being more or less). A broad review of examples from many different domains shows the very widespread applicability of this simple distinction, but it raises an obvious sociological question: under which conditions do we develop a "type" imaginary or a "grade" one? We dive into the world of wine, specifically contrasting the history of wine classification in Napa Valley (United States) and Burgundy (France), to develop some answers.

130 Soc\Psych (Zener Auditorium)


Dr. Stephen Vaisey