Jensen Lecture - Dr. Michael Walker: “Who’s Your Rep?”: A Social Exchange Perspective on Control


Speaker(s): Dr. Michael Walker, University of Minnesota, Department of Sociology

Dr. Michael Walker of the University of Minnesota Department of Sociology.

“Who’s Your Rep?”: A Social Exchange Perspective on Control

Using a small portion of a larger ethnographic study in a California county jail system, I derive a conception and measurement of control that is rooted in the social exchange perspective, and I show how this form of control was foundational to the management of penal residents in that jail system. In so doing, I show how control and power are not variants of each other, as is common in research concerning either concept. Rather they indicate distinct relationships in a given exchange network. Though set in a jail, this research makes general contributions to the social exchange research and penology.

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Dr. Michael Walker.

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Lisa Olds