2024 Spring Sociology Honors Research Symposium

April 26, -
Speaker(s): Amber Smith, Clementine (Clemmie) Biddle, Safiyyah Wilson, Victoria (Vic) Kovarik, Michael Cao, Caimiao (Cai) Liu, Mackenzie Culp

The Spring Research Symposium is an annual event where the sociology honors students present their research to the wider community. Oral presentations and a Q&A will occur from 1:30 to 3:00 PM (in the order listed on the flyer) and will be followed by a poster presentation reception from 3:00 to 4:00 PM.

The symposium will be held in Reuben-Cooke Building Room 329.

Please join us.

Oral Presentation Order:

Name: Amber Smith

Title: Zip Code Matters: A Social Network Analysis of U.S. State-Based Abortion Care Access Over Time

Name: Clementine (Clemmie) Biddle

Title: Navigating National Tragedy: A Comparative Analysis of Political and Public Responses to Mass Shootings in Norway and the United States

Name: Safiyyah Wilson

Title: Keeping Up Appearances: Examining the Relationship Between Race and Self-Presentation in College Women

Name: Victoria (Vic) Kovarik

Title: “We just had to stan” – A Qualitative Analysis of a Fan Community on Twitter

Name: Michael Cao

Title: Family Cost in the Modern American Carceral State: A Descriptive Study from a North Carolina Jail

Name: Caimiao (Cai) Liu

Title: When Death is Justified: Does Social Control Explain Gender Gaps in Support for Capital Punishment Across Countries?

Name: Mackenzie Culp

Title: That Sounds About White: Parental Racial Socialization and Implications for White Youth Identity Development


Department of Sociology