Business Behaviors

Behavioral differences due to complex interaction between biology, psychology, social environment. Consequences of “biopsychosocial” differences (risk preferences, emotions, cooperative behavior, intelligence, educational attainment, economic success, civic engagement, leadership skills), for economic/business behaviors examined. Impact of knowledge of gene-environment interplay. One course.

Theory and Society

Selective survey of major classical and modern social theorists from the Enlightenment to the present. Attention to theories seeking to follow models of the natural sciences and those seeking a more critical and interpretive understanding of modern society. Sociological theory in relation to other modern currents, such as conservatism, socialism, existentialism, anti-colonialism, feminism, post-modernism. One course.

Writing in Sociology

Introduction to writing in sociology. Topics include scenes and genres of socio- logical writing, reading sociology research, working with sources, making sociological claims, designing figures and tables, counterarguments and concessions, citations, style. One course.

Aging and Health

Illness and health care utilization among the elderly, comparison to other populations, gender and race differences, medicare and medicaid, individual adjustment to aging and illness, social support for sick elderly, the decision to institutionalize, policy debate over euthanasia. Required participation in service learning. One course.