Yueran Zhang, B.A. 2015

Ph.D. Candidate, Harvard University

2015 Major: Sociology and Mathematics; minor in Physics

Yueran is a PhD student in sociology at Harvard University, whose interest include political sociology, economic sociology, comparative-historical sociology and Marxian social theory. His current project uses the politics of property tax in China as a case to examine the implications of direct taxation for political dynamics in authoritarian contexts.

"When I first came to Duke as a freshman, I had never imagined I would want to pursue a career in sociology. That is where the magic of Duke sociology came in. It show me how a sociological perspective could enable us to see so many things in the world which we would otherwise not have been able to see. I thank Duke sociology for both teaching me how to think like a sociologist and inspiring me to combine my scholarly pursuit with the commitment to activism."

Yueran Zhang