Ruben Munoz, B.A. 2013

Portfolio Specialist/Analyst, Quantitative & Multi-Asset Class Investments, Neuberger Berman – New York, NY

2013 Major: Sociology; certificate in Markets & Management Studies

Ruben is a professional within a multi-asset class investment team that manages more than $3billion in AUM. He is responsible for conducting comprehensive financial market research, staying abreast of key macroeconomic trends, and analyzing institutional client/mutual fund portfolio positioning to evaluate tactical investment opportunities. In addition, Ruben supports senior portfolio managers in conducting ad-hoc portfolio analysis, writing portfolio commentaries, and assisting with client related materials. Prior to this role, he was a portfolio investment analyst within the Ultra High-Net-Worth Investment Office at Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he delivered analytical asset allocation guidance and investment solutions to sophisticated private wealth clients.

"Upon graduating from Duke University in 2013, I have found myself constantly reminiscing about my academic experience within the Sociology department. A degree in Sociology, alongside economics and business-related courses, proved to be an invaluable experience as I developed transferrable skills ranging from complex problem solving abilities to in-depth writing. However, as a former member of the honors thesis program, it was this experience, in particular, that gave me an unparalleled level of intellectual stimulation, analytical rigor, and growth in critical thinking. The extensive process of transforming an abstract theory into a practical research project allowed me to utilize both qualitative and quantitative skillsets. At every step of this research process, I was challenged to think critically while evaluating existing literature in order to design an innovative conceptual research model. This underlying notion of rejecting simplistic interpretations and instead, digging deeper to develop direct and indirect causal explanations has molded me into an astute critical thinker. As a result, I have developed an inquisitive spirit and high level of intellectual curiosity that transcends beyond the Duke academic environment.

"As a whole, a major in Sociology has equipped me with an expansive skillset that is needed to succeed in all realms of life. This academic field has unquestionably improved my proficiency in effective theoretical analysis and has also provided me with a disciplined thought process. Moreover, my academic and personal growth is a direct outcome of engaging with distinguished Sociology professors and faculty who are whole-heartedly committed to challenge you throughout your academic career. "

Ruben Munoz