Lauren Amicucci, B.A. 2010

Vice President, Acquisitions & Development at BRP Companies – New York, NY

2010 Major: Sociology

"Being a Sociology graduate has allowed me to not silo myself into one specific category. With a sociology major, I have been able to utilize my research, communication and writing skills across different jobs, groups of people and geographies across the country. Being a sociology major has allowed me to see the larger picture and the impacts our actions and decisions have on the greater population as opposed to the single task / problem / deal at hand."

Advice Lauren would give Duke Sociology students:

"Being a Sociology major allows you the soft skills you need to succeed as well as the more refined skills such as research and problem solving. However, my advice would be to take an accounting or finance class as well. All businesses rely on accounting and finance, and you will surely run into some type of financial situation in whatever industry you decide to go into. Although you do not need to be an expert, it is always helpful to be familiar with the subject as it will come up at some point in your career. The Markets and Management Certificate is a great segway into this, but the specific accounting courses are ones you will need to seek outside of the major / certificate."

Lauren Amicucci