Undergraduate Alumni

ScottMadden Management Consultants, Atlanta, Georgia

"Being a Sociology graduate from Duke has given me an intrinsic understanding of people. As a management consultant, I have been able to effectively assess client needs and deliver what is desired."

Portfolio Specialist/Analyst, Quantitative & Multi-Asset Class Investments, Neuberger Berman in New York, NY

"As a whole, a major in Sociology has equipped me with an expansive skillset that is needed to succeed in all realms of life. This academic field has unquestionably improved my proficiency in effective theoretical analysis and has also provided me with a disciplined thought process. Moreover, my academic and personal growth is a direct outcome of engaging with distinguished Sociology professors and faculty who are whole-heartedly committed to challenge you throughout your academic career. "

Chronic Disease Research Analyst with the Hawai’i State Department of Health

“A degree from Duke sociology allowed me to learn about health disparities and the underpinning societal factors that influence them. Duke’s sociology department trained me to analyze health care issues with a population and systems-level point of view, which is essential in public health practice. Furthermore, the required internship helped me expand my professional network and afforded me awesome, hands-on experience that made graduate school and job applications even more competitive.”

Founder and President, The Social Institute

"A Duke sociology degree gave me the hard and soft skills to understand trends in society and, more importantly, figure out why those trends exist. It gave me an edge in being able to connect with people — in the workplace, on a team, in the marketing industry, and beyond. What I love most is where sociology is headed: using big data and online communities to understand why humans behave the way they do. Big data is the name of the game."

Production Supervisor, General Motors

"Duke sociology helped me to understand people, and think outside of myself. I work in an environment with people from many different backgrounds, and it brings a lot of challenges. Duke sociology challenged me to gather an understanding of social order, social behavior, social structure, etc. These things help me relate to my people, and be more understanding of them. I am in a people oriented business, and my duke education has definitely helped me problem solve, and get the best out of my workers."

Vice President on the Credit Sales desk (Securities Division), Goldman Sachs

"My Duke sociology degree allowed me to stand out as a “non-traditional” candidate when interviewing for roles in the banking industry. Goldman Sachs hires all majors from all backgrounds, and I felt especially prepared when it came to analyzing consumer behaviors and talking about market trends.  I now work with a diverse group of individuals and am a member of the Goldman Sachs Women’s Network. I am grateful for all the professors who helped me along the way, in particular Rebecca Bach. Thanks Duke Sociology!"

Ph.D. Candidate, Harvard University

"When I first came to Duke as a freshman, I had never imagined I would want to pursue a career in sociology. That is where the magic of Duke sociology came in. It show me how a sociological perspective could enable us to see so many things in the world which we would otherwise not have been able to see. I thank Duke sociology for both teaching me how to think like a sociologist and inspiring me to combine my scholarly pursuit with the commitment to activism."

Duke University, Southern Vision Alliance-Durham, NC

"The mentoring I received from those in the Sociology department led me to pursue my P.hD. at Duke. In addition, some of the skills and the classes I took as an undergraduate shaped what I would study in graduate school but also shaped the communities I wanted to interact with in a volunteer role."

Obstetrics / Gynecology Resident, Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital, Chicago

"Earning my degree in sociology from Duke University prior to matriculating into medical school allowed me to view medicine in a different context than many of my peers. Many of the classes I chose to take at Duke centered around the social determinants of health and the ramifications of society on either people's access to health care or how they interface with the health care system. Now as a resident at a community-based residency program I am often confronted with these realities and I believe that my undergraduate education has helped me as I navigate through my program."

Student, Harvard Law School (graduation in May 2017)

"The field of sociology uniquely touches upon every aspect of society. The diversity of interests and areas of study to which I was exposed while pursuing a sociology degree equipped me for the similarly expansive law school curriculum, and I hope to carry on the lessons I learned while at Duke to tackle the wide range of legal issues that pervade society."

Business Development, Windsor Circle

"One insight that I attribute to my degree has been realizing and remembering that I'm not just me as an individual, that I'm also me as a part of larger wholes. The older I get, the more this feels confirmed, and while some of that is admittedly bias, I can't help but consider how my experiences are intricately and complicatedly connected to those of people like me and unlike me. The more I come to understand those connections, the better I am at telling the truth and at moving and developing through this thing called adulthood."

University of Toledo Medical School

"Studying Sociology at Duke immersed me into the complicated and crucial dynamic between social networks and human health. My exposure to the copious societal factors influencing health such as geography, household income, education level, etc. will make me a more compassionate, perceptive, and effective physician."

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, New York, NY

"Being a Sociology graduate has helped to shape my perception of the world on a daily basis. Many of the courses I took can be applied in a real-world setting, whether that be at work or in a conversation."