Economic Sociology

The economic sociology workshop is an interdisciplinary group of faculty and graduate students who meet biweekly to discuss research projects in all stages of completion. We define economic sociology broadly to include topics such as organizations, work, financial decision making, immigration, inequality, consumption, and others. We are affiliated with the Markets and Management Studies program and supported by the Department of Sociology.

Spring 2017

January 25th: Jessi Streib

  • Room 268, Sociology/Psychology Building, 4:00-5:00 PM

February 22nd: Nick Bloom

  • Room 329, Sociology/Psychology Building, 1:00-2:00 PM

March 22nd: David Hall

  • Room 331, Sociology/Psychology Building, 1:00-2:00 PM

Past Semesters

Spring 2016 Schedule

January 20th: Rescheduled to March 23rd

February 3rd: Martin Ruef

February 17th: Richard Pitt

March 2nd: Kieran Healy

March 23rd: Tal Yifat

March 30th: Nan Lin

April 13th: Joel Gehman

Fall 2015 Schedule

September 2nd: David Eagle

September 16th: Elena Kulchina

September 30th: Nick Bloom

October 28th: Mahka Moeen

November 11t: Raphaël Charron-Chénier

Affiliated faculty:

  • Bai Gao
  • Gary Gereffi
  • Kieran Healy
  • Lisa Keister
  • Jim Moody
  • Angie O’Rand
  • Jen’nan Read
  • Martin Ruef
  • Ken Spenner
  • Steve Vaisey
  • Tiantian Yang
  • ict background