Culture and Cognition

The Culture and Cognition workshop is a forum for faculty and students to discuss published theoretical and empirical work and to present original research in progress. We define both "culture" and "cognition" in their broadest senses and engage with material from across the social and behavioral sciences. The workshop's particular -- but not exclusive -- focus is on investigating the role culture plays in the explanation of action.

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Economic Sociology

The economic sociology workshop is an interdisciplinary group of faculty and graduate students who meet weekly to discuss research projects in all stages of completion. We define economic sociology broadly to include topics such as organizations, work, financial decision making, immigration, inequality, consumption, and others. We are affiliated with the Markets and Management Studies program and supported by the Department of Sociology. We meet each Wednesday at 1:30 and welcome new participants at any point in the semester.


The networks workshop is an interdisciplinary group associated with the Duke Network Analysis Center (DNAC).  DNAC hosts a weekly seminar series from 12:30-2:00pm on Tuesdays, where researchers from throughout the University present their work on a range of topics related to network analysis.  For more information, visit DNAC on the internet at, or sign up for the mailing list at For More info, click here.

Population Studies

The Duke University Population Research Institute (DuPRI) is an interdisciplinary research organization bringing together researchers from the biological, economic, mathematical, psychological, statistical, sociological, and policy sciences at Duke. The Institute seeks to advance science in the area of demography and population science, as well as expand the current boundaries of demographic investigation. Several members of the Sociology faculty are active participants in DuPRI.


The RACE WORKSHOP is an intellectual community of scholars interested in all facets of race scholarship. We meet weekly for a variety of events that include presentations by local and national figures, presentations by postdocs and graduate students, discussions of new books or relevant articles, discussions on the racial components of cultural artifacts such as movies, TV shows, or art, and discussions on how race matters in the academy. Please consult our "events" section for a more detailed listing of events this semester. This workshop is supported by the Sociology department, the African and African American Studies department, the College of Arts and Sciences, and SSRI. To sign up for the mailing list, click here.  For More info, click here.

Social Capital

Coordinator: Nan Lin

The purpose of these seminars is to present and exchange research ideas and drafts of papers among a group of faculty and graduate students, mostly from the Department of Sociology, interested in social capital as well as invited speakers.  The seminars, held occasionally in each semester, are open to all faculty and graduate students. For More info, click here.

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