Sociology Major Requirements

The Sociology major consists of ten courses.  Four of the ten are required core courses including SOC 110 (Old Course # Soc 10) or SOC 111 (Old Course # Soc 11), SOC 332 (Old Course # Soc 132A), SOC 333 (Old Course # Soc 132B) and SOC 338 (Old Course # Soc 138).  The other six courses are electives, but one of the electives must include a senior research experience.  Students have several options to fulfill the senior research experience:  a student may complete a senior Honors thesis (SOC 495S) (Old Course # Soc 190A) and SOC 496S) (Old Course # Soc 190B), enroll in one of our special topics senior research seminars (SOC 490S-1) (Old Course # Soc 191S), complete an applied research project in the internship course (SOC 499S) (Old Course # Soc 199S), or do an independent study research project on a topic of your choice(SOC 393 (Old Course # Soc 194).  Only two transfer credits and no Advanced Placement credits may count toward the major in Sociology. 

Required  Courses
Soc 110 (Old Course # Soc 10D) Sociological Inquiry or Soc 111 (Old Course # Soc 11) Contemporary Social Problems
Soc 332 (Old Course # Soc 132A) Research Methods
Soc 333 (Old Course # Soc 132B) Quantitative Analysis of Sociological Data
Soc 338 (Old Course # Soc 138D) Theory and Society 

You must take 5 Electives at or above the 200 (Old 100)-level and a Senior Research Elective  

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