The Department of Sociology is now offering a new Minor in Medical Sociology for students who are interested in medicine, health care, and inequalities in access to medical care. 


One of the following core courses (the other course can also be used as an elective)

  • SOC 250:  Medical Sociology
  • SOC 361:  Social Determinants of US Health Disparities

And four of the following electives:

  • SOC 49S:  Freshman Seminar – Inequality and Mental Health
  • SOC 212:  Gender, Poverty, and Health
  • SOC 255:  Immigration and Health
  • SOC 263:  Aging and Health
  • SOC 264:  Death and Dying
  • SOC 260:  Psychosocial Aspects of Human Development
  • SOC 265:  Drugs in the US.
  • SOC 349:  Sexuality and Society
  • SOC 490S-1:  Research Seminar, Topic: Immigration and Health  
  • SOC 641S.01:  Health in Life Course Perspective
  • SOC 641S.02:  Social Determinants of Health 

Minors in Sociology

A minor requires five courses, four of which must be at or above the 200 (Old 100) level. Only one transfer credit and no Advance Placement credits may count toward the minor.

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