This is a list of software you may need, and a link to get the most up-to-date version.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader X: Reads pdf documents
  • Firefox: Alternative to IE9 
  • Medialab: Psych testing software. Duke has a site license for ver. 2008. After installing, open the program for the first time. It will generate a code that you need to send to You must keep the software window open while you await their response. They will send you a code back, which then allows you to license the product.
  • Pdf995 and Converter (You will need both): Free PDF generator 
  • Print Screen: Prints your desktop 
  • Thunderbird: Alternative e-mail client to Microsoft Outlook and other similar programs 
  • VPN: Allows you to reach your files on the network.  Accept "Default" as department
  • Winscp: Easy way to ftp securely
  • 7 Zip: Unzips files that have been zipped with .zip or .tar

Duke has a site license for many necessary software titles. This list is some of the names you might find valuable.

Click here for a complete list and download. (netid and password required)

  • Endnote13: Reference database and formatter in MS Word
  • Endnote 15: Only version that will work with Microsoft Office 2010
  • Eprint for Windows 32 bit
  • Eprint for Windows 64 bit  
  • Eprint for Macs: Allows you to print to public printers (OIT) on Duke's Campus  
  • F Secure-Windows: Allows you to send files from your computer to your sociology account or your Duke (NetID) account
  • Filezilla: Allows you to send files from your computer to your sociology account or your Duke (NetID) account 
  • Mcafee8.8-Windows: Virus protection
  • McAfee for Macs and McAfee Agent 4.0.0 if needed by installer 
  • Microsoft Office for both Windows and Mac
  • Microsoft Windows
  • X-Win 32 2012 and Activation Instructions: Graphic interface to statistical software. Will allow you to use SAS and STATA at home.