Patricia Homan


Patricia Homan is a doctoral candidate in Sociology at Duke University, and a pre-doctoral trainee in the NIA-Funded T32 Training Program in the Demography of Aging at the Duke University Population Research Institute (DUPRI).  Her areas of interest include: health, demography, gender, stratification/inequality, social psychology, and quantitative methods. Her research explores how gender and socioeconomic inequalities shape the health of populations and individuals over the life course.

Homan, P. "Political gender inequality and infant mortality in the United States, 1990–2012." Social Science & Medicine 182 (June 2017): 127-135. Full Text

Homan, P, Valentino, L, and Weed, E. "Being and Becoming Poor: How Cultural Schemas Shape Beliefs About Poverty." Social Forces 95.3 (March 2017): 1023-1048. Full Text