Society, the Self, and the Natural World

Exploration of changing and/or contrasting perceptions, studying how our perceptions are conditioned by the times we live in and reigning assumptions of our societies. Three course components taught by faculty in each discipline including: exploration of perceptions of the self through the arts, the changing role of women in society; and examination of science and society conflicts. Open only to Baldwin Scholars. Consent of instructor required. One course.

Refugees, Rights, and Resettlement

35 million refugees and internally displaced persons in the world. A comparative historical overview of international refugee policy and law dealing with this growing population. Students will grapple with the ethical challenges posed by humanitarian intervention on behalf of refugees and the often unintended consequences of such policies. Students examine case studies to determine how different models for dealing with refugee resettlement affect the life chances of refugees. Service learning course. Students will work with refugees from Bhutan, Burma and Iraq recently resettled in Durham.