Writing in Sociology

Introduction to writing in sociology. Topics include scenes and genres of socio- logical writing, reading sociology research, working with sources, making sociological claims, designing figures and tables, counterarguments and concessions, citations, style. One course.

Drug Use and Abuse: Getting High in the United States

Explores trends in the use, abuse, and regulation of mind-altering substances in the United States. Topics include: patterns of drug use over time and across social groups; drug market creation and regulation; media promotion and condemnation of drug activities; drug policy legislation and enforcement; medicalization of deviance; rise and fall of drug panics; and critical analysis of the casualties of the current “war on drugs.” No prerequisites. One course.

Death and Dying

The biomedical, economic, social, and psychological issues surrounding death and dying in the twenty-first century in America. Religious and cultural perspectives both in the Judeo-Christian ethic and in other religious frameworks. Theories of dying from sociological and social psychological perspectives. Required participation in service learning. One course.

Aging and Health

Illness and health care utilization among the elderly, comparison to other populations, gender and race differences, medicare and medicaid, individual adjustment to aging and illness, social support for sick elderly, the decision to institutionalize, policy debate over euthanasia. Required participation in service learning. One course.