The United States and the Asian Pacific Region

Asian Pacific region is major engine of economic growth in the 21st century likely causing major shift of power and wealth in the world. Study relationships between U.S. and various Asian Pacific nations from the end of World War II to present. Focus on impact of wars, technological development and economic development. Examine differences in various issues such as trade, human rights, environment, territory disputes between U.S. and a variety of Asian Pacific nations. Same as SOCIOL341, with additional work required. Variable credit.

Sociology Internship

Open only to sociology majors and minors. Requires eight hours per week working in a local business or community organization; specific internship placement arranged with instructor to meet student’s interest. Students reflect on their experiences in Blackboard posts and seminar discussions. Topics include sociological issues related to organizations, work, diversity and inequality. Research paper required. One course.

Sociology Honors Seminar I

Honors seminar for senior sociology major. Intensive research experience including topic selection, research design, data collection and analysis resulting in substantial, original paper. Research guidance and support provided by instructor and faculty advisor. Consent of instructor required. One course.

Research Independent Study

Individual research in a field of special interest under the supervision of a faculty member, the central goal of which is a substantive paper or written report containing significant analysis and interpretation of a previously approved topic. Consent of instructor and Director of Undergraduate Studies required. One course.

Social Conflict and Social Movements

Theories and current research in the United States and Europe on a variety of social movements and cycles of social protest, such as student movements, civil rights, liberation movements, secession movements in Western and non-Western countries, ethnic nationalism, fundamentalism, the women’s movement, and the environmental movement. The values of social movements that are in opposition to the prevalent norms and institutions of society. Research paper required. One course.

Markets and Marketing

Markets as systems of social exchange: their organization and development with special reference to the role of technological change in market evolution in various parts of the industrialized world. Sociological analysis of contemporary marketing including cross-national comparisons and the role of internet technologies; researching and preparing a marketing plan. Coverage of marketing includes attention to issues of values and ethics. One course.