Internationalizing the Academy: Lessons of Leadership in Higher Education

Gilbert W. Merkx and Niall W. Nolan (editors)

This the first book to offer a detailed look at efforts to bring ambitious and expanding portfolios of international programs to U.S. campuses. The editors, leading figures in the burgeoning international higher education sector, provide a thorough examination of how numerous “internationalizing” efforts are being implemented and promoted on a strikingly wide range of campuses.

At the heart of the volume are accounts by ten of the nation’s most experienced senior international officers that explore crucial aspects of their work: the strategic visions for international education that they helped develop on their own campuses; how they worked on behalf of those evolving visions with key stakeholders, including the administration and faculty; and the main lessons that they learned in the course of creating these programs.

The result is a singular—and uniquely useful—resource for leaders and policy makers in the higher education field that comes at a time when colleges and universities are urgently scaling up their international ventures. Internationalizing the Academy is an essential account of a dynamic, centrally important development on campuses throughout the United States.